Safety of Baby Formula and Other Baby Foods

It is safe to put powdered milk and baby food through an x-ray machine.

In fact, we will share a case study shortly to demonstration our knowledge in this area, but, for now digest the rest of the article…

While x-ray radiation does have the ability to mutate DNA such that any live cells that have been exposed to it may mutate, resulting in cellular dysfunction or uncontrolled replication (i.e., cancer), the pure energy type of radiation used in mammogram and CT scan testing does not collect in the milk and is therefore compatible with uninterrupted breastfeeding.

What makes CXR Company so certain about the safety of x-ray on baby food?

We speak from years of experience.

Having worked with many brand names, [who for reasons of confidentially we cannot disclose], with similar concerns over the safety of x-ray testing of packaged baby food in glass jars for several decades.

In the early days of consumer packaging of baby food very few alternatives to glass packaging existed.

generic baby-food-jars Glass was, at the time the most cost-effective and practical method — as it was perfectly suited for heating and sterilization of the food products being manufactured.

Sadly, glass baby food jars trend to crack and shatter leading to acute pieces of glass shards occasionally being found inside the baby food product and posing a threat to infants; such as in the Beech Nut recall mentioned at the beginning.

Fortunately, CXR Company had a solution back than to help detect consumer packaged goods (CPG) for potential foreign contaminant ; an answer still applicable today — 2D non destructive testing with X-ray.

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