Frequently Asked Questions
About Xray Inspection Equipment  

Why 3 phase x-ray machinery is better?

3 phase x-ray machinery for inspection is "overkill". When looking to lease or purchase x-ray inspection equipment from CXR Company, you do not need 3PH electricity. However, some folks have asked if 3 Phase is better? We did a little research on this for those of you...

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How safe is CXR’s real-time x-ray inspection equipment?

CXR's x-ray inspection systems are extremely safe and use only low-level x-ray sources. The equipment is designated Cabinet X-Ray by the FDA is permitted to emit no more than .5 milliroentgen per hour at any point five centimeters from the external surface. This is...

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Are CXR’s x-ray inspections machines portable?

Yes. CXR's ACCUVUE X-Ray Unit™ with conveyor has an approximately 4'x9' foot print and we can easily transport it to your plant. We maintain a fleet of customized cargo vans for that purpose. We require a fork lift atstreet level to unload the machine and conveyor...

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Can my product be inspected by the case?

Whether a product can be inspected by the case depends on three factors: The size of the case. Our conveyers can accommodate a maximum case size of approximately 24 inches x 14 inches.The density of the suspected contaminant. A particularly dense contaminant like...

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