Do we need to worry about radiation?

How safe is CXR’s real-time x-ray inspection equipment?

It is natural to be concerned and even to worry about radiation. In fact, this is a frequently asked questions we receive at CXR Company.

The quick answer is that CXR’s x-ray inspection systems are extremely safe and use only low-level x-ray sources.


However, we imagine to want to know as much as possible about radiation and expose to it.

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CXR non destructive x-ray inspection equipment is safe

X-ray equipment in general, is designated Cabinet X-Ray by the FDA and is permitted to emit no more than 0.5 milliroentgen per hour at any point five centimeters from the external surface.

These are the very same specification to which carry-on luggage are subscribed to at airports.  As well as, the x-ray inspection systems at airports which inspect humans.

CXR’s x-ray inspection system is so safe, we even inspect baby food well within all of the required limits.

Radiation exposure decreases by a factor of 2 for every additional inch away from the machine’s surface.

(Formula = 1/distance squared)

For example, if you stand 1 inch (approximately 5 centimeters) from the machine you will receive at most .5 MR/hour (.5 ÷ 1 squared). If you stand 2 inches from the machine, you will receive at most .13 MR/ hour (.5 ÷ 2 squared).

If you stand 6 inches from the machine, you will receive at most .01 MR/hour (.5 ÷ 6 squared) which is the same as normal, natural background radiation.

No need to worry about radiation for CXR x-ray inspection machines.

The FDA’s Radiation – Emitting Products FAQ page states the following:

Manufacturers are required to certify that their products meet the Federal radiation safety performance standard for cabinet x-ray systems. Specifically, the standard requires that the radiation emitted from a cabinet x-ray system not exceed an exposure of 0.5 milliroentgens in one hour at any point five centimeters from the external surface. Most cabinet x-ray systems emit less than this limit. In addition, the standard also requires safety features that include warning lights, warning labels, and interlocks.

For comparison, the average person in the United States receives a dose of about 360 millirem of radiation per year from background radiation. (Note: 1 milliroentgen of exposure to x-rays will result in approximately 1 millirem of dose.) Background radiation is radiation that is always present in the environment. Eighty percent of that exposure comes from natural sources: radon gas, the human body, outer space, rocks, and soil. The remaining 20 percent comes from man-made radiation sources, primarily medical x rays.

If after reading this, and our other post you still worry about radiation from NDT x-ray inspection equipment, please contact CXR Company to discuss non destructive testing of your product at our facility.

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