3 phase x-ray machinery for inspection is “overkill”.

When looking to lease or purchase x-ray inspection equipment from CXR Company, you do not need 3PH electricity.

However, some folks have asked if 3 Phase is better?

We did a little research on this for those of you who might be curious.

First, we reached out the Kay Industries, the Worldwide leader is rotary 3ph converters.


According the their engineers, “for your application, turning our 1ph machinery into 3ph would be overkill”… this is especially, since it is already wired for single-phase.”

Rob Rohena, the company CEO, added, “However, we have convertered many x-ray machines requesting 3-ph from 1ph utility power sources. Typically, this is for more sensitive, and highly expensive medical equipment. Our understanding is the 3-phase is much more efficient.”

When we asked, “how much more efficient?” He recommended we speak to the manufacturers of the x-ray equipment.

We found a study for Oregon State that shows:

Analysis of the voltage waveforms indicates that x-ray beams produced by three-phase systems have a higher effective energy and a higher exposure rate than those produced by single-phase equipment operated at the same kilovoltage and tube current.

Study link: BaroneGregoryJ1971.pdf

A simple Google search also revealed this commentary…

“The advantages of a 3 phase power supply for an x-ray machine include being 150% more efficient than a single phase power supply, never dropping to zero power, and allowing for smaller conductors to be used. This makes 3 phase more efficient at supplying power to large electrical machines like x-ray machines. Additionally, the higher ripple frequency of 360Hz in a 3 phase power supply results in 3 times as much x-rays being produced. In comparison to a 240V single phase service, a 240V three phase service requires smaller conductors, resulting in cost savings and easier installation. In the USA, the 240V single phase service is actually split-phase power, which splits the primary single phase voltage.”

Reference: https://www.physicsforums.com/threads/3-phase-power-vs-single-phase-power.1945

 In conclusion, even though 3-phase power is more efficient, for x-ray equipment involving inspection of voids and defects in powers, it is overkill.

Another, question we are oftens asked is “Do I need to worry about radiation when I lease an x-ray machine from CXR Company?

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