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Looking for an Industrial X-ray Machine Leasing option that is flexible?

Leasing x-ray equipment for real-time inspection of your products and/or processed goods has never been easier than contacting CXR Company.

CXR’s X-Ray Inspection Services & Machine Leasing Process

X-Ray Inspection Services Leasing When Defect Preventation Measures Fail

X-Ray Inspection Services Leasing From CXR Company

Defect prevention enables companies to anticipate potential issues during product development and avoid them through the transfer of lessons learned, risk assessment, and testing and validation.

In some cases, additional post-production inspection of your products and raw materials requires x-ray inspection services to look for voids, missing components, or other defects without the need of destroying everything.

From auto part manufacturing to foods processors, electronic component boards to pharma packaging CXR Company offers flexible non-destructive solutions to help you “See the Difference”!

Free freel to call CXR Company for a confidential consultation to discover of x-ray inspection equipment services leasing is the right fit for your company.

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Industries Served

CXR Company provides superior quality control x-ray inspection services.

Our industrial x-ray machine leasing programs are typically used with the following industries and their verticals.



Pet Foods

Bakery/Snack Items

If you do not see your industry listed, please contact CXR Company. When it comes to product safety, we are always expanding into new areas of focus.