Dairy Product X-Ray
Inspection for Immediate NDT

Recently, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced that:

“Maytag Dairy Farms is expanding its voluntary recall of “Maytag Blue” blue cheese wedges, wheels and crumbles because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.”


Our x-ray machine leasing process is simple, and there is only an 8 hour minimum lease requirement with no maximum limits.


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Dairy Product X-Ray Inspection: A Real Life Example

A Diary Processor’s Challenge:

Several months ago, a reputable ice cream company needed CXR Company to test some samples of product for testing, which need to be done — “yesterday”. Typically, of x-ray inspection testing and equipment leasing process works as depicted below…

However, due to the urgency of this situation, it was faster for them to bring us the samples than to ship ice cream overnight to our facility.

CXR Company’s Solution:

This issue required a form of non destructive testing that would allow detection of potential foreign substances without breaking down the packaging or casing of the product.

The answer was to use x-ray inspection equipment at the dairy customer’s plant where the test would take place.

The Result:

As you can imagine, using CXR’s x-ray inspection machine were able to find a small metal particle contaminant in one of the batch of ice cream product. This allowed the high quality, and more important untainted ice cream to be shipped out for distribution.

Our x-ray testing solution saved the diary processor $1000’s and the helped keep its brand intact. The customer was particularly impressed with how well CXR’s x-ray inspection equipment performed in an extremly cold environment. The customer’s Plant Manager even joked:

“The CXR technician was attentive. But, even more impressive was how well the equipment handled
the 20 degrees below zero temperature better than he could.”

How X-Ray Leasing Works - CXR Company

Our x-ray inspection equipment is designed to provide an economical, efficient, and highly effective method that not just meets, but, rather exceeds the standards of the automotive OEM industry.

CXR routinely performs NDT inspections to the most stringent standards in the industries we serve. To learn more, contact us, or find great auto part x-ray inspection articles on our blog.

Satisfied Clients


Technician’s Performance was Excellent

“The technician’s performance was excellent and the x-ray machine and service were excellent as well. We will use CXR in the future if the need arises.”

From the Quality Assurance Manager of an automotive parts company in Ohio


Competent and Informative

“CXR’s technician was very competent and informative.  The x-ray machine and service were well done.”

From the Supervisor of Manufacturing of a vitamin and nutritional supplement manufacturer in California