Food Processing Company Uses
Portable X-Ray Inspection Machine


A customer within the Food Processing / Packaging industry had run a “specialty item”; [a canned cappuccino product] – and had lost a restrictor collar made of aluminum and stainless steel somewhere within the last production run.

The product needed to be shipped out the next day.


When CXR Company got the call, we had our technician and x-ray inspection service unit on the road to the customer within two hours time.

The real-time, portable x-ray inspection project began early the following morning.

The Result:

Our customer shipped their product on schedule. They were able to ship the CPG product with confidence.

Nobody other then the client and us knew a problem existed, and $1000’s of were saved as CXR x-ray inspection service provided an alternative to product disposal.

CXR Company Advantages


Our x-ray machine leasing process is simple, and there is only an 8 hour minimum lease requirement with no maximum limits.


As a second generation business, CXR Company employees do not solely use academic engineering knowledge, we also lean on years of past experience and nurtured acumen.


When you consider the value and experience the results we deliver, your CFO, Plant Manager, and Quality Control personnel are guaranteed to “See the Difference”.

Satisfied Clients


Great Service

“Great service! Thanks for your help.”
From the Production Manager of a Texas food manufacturer

Impressed by the Capabilities of your Machine

 “CXR’s technician was nice to work with.  Very knowledgeable.  I was impressed by the capabilities of your machine.”

From the Quality Assurance Manager of an Oregon Shelf-stable food processing company