According to Government Regulations, 10 CFR 20, allowable occupational radiation exposure limits are 5,000 MR/year for whole body (head, trunk, arms about the elbow, legs about the knee) and 50,000 MR/year for extremities (hands, elbows, arms below the elbows, foot, knee, or leg below the knee).

CXR’s x-ray inspection equipment emits no more that .5 MR/hour at five centimeters, or one inch, from my surface of the machine. If an employee should stand 1 inch away from the unit for 8 hours a day for working year of 200 days, s/he would receive, at most, 800 MR/year which is less than 20% of the allowed maximum. CXR’s x-ray inspection systems are safe and in compliance with all government regulations.