Frequently Asked Questions
About Xray Inspection Equipment  

How soon can CXR Company get here?

We pride ourselves on our fast response. We will do everything in our power to be at your plant right when you need us. Many of our customers, when asked how soon they need us, respond "Yesterday!" We try to accommodate.

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Won’t X-ray Radiation Effect Baby Food?

Safety of Baby Formula and Other Baby Foods It is safe to put powdered milk and baby food through an x-ray machine. In fact, we will share a case study shortly to demonstration our knowledge in this area, but, for now digest the rest of the article… While...

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See The Difference

See the difference in every aspect of our inspection service:
from the quality of our customer care to the  accuracy of our Accuvue™ x-ray machines; from the flexibility of our
NDT x-ray equipment lease terms to the speediness of our equipment delivery – CXR is here to quickly solve your problem.

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