Industry Applications for X-Ray Detection Services

Industry Applications for Portable X-Ray Detection Units:

Industrial Real-Time, Portable X-Ray Inspection Machines

CXR Company has solved problems for companies in many different industries and sectors. We service the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, electronics, automotive, assembly and many other industries.

Below is a sampling of the items we have inspected with X-Ray Detection Units:

  • Automotive parts for defects
  • Cakes, pies, bulk flour, dough and other bakery items for almost any particle contaminant
  • Meat in any form for many different contaminants including bone
  • Snack food, pasta, seafood and dairy products
  • Pharmaceutical products for particle contaminants and packaging problems
  • Lotions and ointments
  • Ammunition (shells) for defects and voids
  • Large bags of powdered product
  • Beverages, most often for glass contaminants in glass bottles or jars
  • Salt, both bulk and packaged
  • Soap
  • Electrical components for defects
  • Plush toys for needles lost in the sewing process
  • Breakfast cereal for possible missing surprise
  • Cherries for pits
  • Cosmetics
  • Pet Foods – both canned and dry

and many more…

If you are in an industry not listed above, but, you still interested in learning if non-destructive testing is possible with portable X-ray detection unit contact CXR Company in Warsaw, IN.