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Xray Inspection Service Benefits Food Service Industry

Typically when food processing companies consider reporting a recall they do think of a portable x-ray inspection machine as a preventative solutions.

I believe this is mainly because either the types of contaminants is not something gamma rays would find.

For example on December 2 2015, Food Processing Magazine reported:

A recall stemming from an E. coli scare in Costco’s chicken salad is now spanning more than a dozen states and includes products sold at major grocery chains, including Walmart, Safeway and Albertsons. The recall was actually traced back to a mixture of diced celery and onion in the chicken salad.

X-ray is not capable of finding bacteria, or other biologically contamination.

To learn what types of particles a portable x-ray inspection machines can detect check-out this post.

However, not all recalls are related to such dangerous hazards.

Xray Inspection Service Benefits Food Service Industry

A Food Safety News article reported on July 25, 2013 that:

Food recalls are very common. In the U.S. and Canada in the past 12 months, there have been more than 600 recalls.

For example, if you visit the United States Department of Agriculture website you will find that most recalls are for simple things like the “mis-branding of a product”.

Since the date of this writing incident 22 food processing recalls have been confirmed by the USDA.

27% of these recalls have been a result of “incorrectly labeled / misbranded product.”

Misbranded Product Recall - Portable X-Ray Inspection Machine

Again, this is not something a portable x-ray inspection machine would solve.

However, five of the recalls which have occurs since December 2, 2015 to date are a result of “Possible Matter Contamination.”

And, this is indeed a problem x-ray testing equipment can be quite handy.

Here are just a few headlines related to this type of recall in that time:

You’ll notice these recalls are related to meat and poultry products.

Other processed food items undergo recalls as well.

The FDA list the following categories for food :

Sub Chapter 500 – Additives

Sub Chapter 505 – Bakery Products

Sub Chapter 510 – Beverages

Sub Chapter 515 – Candy and Sugar

Sub Chapter 520 – Canned Foods

Sub Chapter 525 – Condiment Industry

Sub Chapter 527 – Dairy

Sub Chapter 530 – Dietary Supplements

Sub Chapter 535 – Edible Oils

Sub Chapter 537 – Egg Industry

Sub Chapter 540 – Fish and Seafood

Sub Chapter 545 – Food Related

Sub Chapter 550 – Fruits

Sub Chapter 555 – General

Sub Chapter 560 – Imports

Sub Chapter 562 – Labeling

Sub Chapter 565 – Meat and Poultry

Sub Chapter 567 – Multiple Foods

Sub Chapter 570 – Nut

Sub Chapter 575 – Pesticides

Sub Chapter 578 – Processed Grain

Sub Chapter 580 – Storage

Sub Chapter 585 – Vegetables

Sub Chapter 587 – Colors

Sub Chapter 590 – Cosmetics

If you have any questions related to How CXR Company’s xray inspection service benefit the food service industry, or how we might help you find an alternative to product disposal, please let us know.

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