X-Ray Inspection Machine


The ACCUVUE Model 30-100 X-Ray Inspection Machine for Non-Destructive Testing

Industrial Real-Time, Portable X-Ray Inspection Machine from CXR Company

See NDT X-ray Inspection Case StudiesDo not allow acute defects to impact your entire production run. Instead consider leasing the ACCUVUE real-time x-ray inspection unit™.

Inspection Process

For most applications, your products enter the ACCUVUE real-time x-ray inspection unit™ on a conveyor belt and are visually x-ray inspected.

An image intensifier enhances the x-ray image which is transferred by a CCTV camera to the viewing monitor.

The image on the monitor magnifies your product and easily reveals the defects. This is all achieved using a non-destructive testing identification.

Why use the X-Ray Inspection Machines

ACCUVUE real-time x-ray inspection equipment is an excellent solution when corrective actions are required under your HACCP program. Constructed of stainless steel, the ACCUVUE unit is sealed for harsh plant environments. Customized design and construction are available to accommodate special requirements.

Will X-Ray Units Work With Slurry or Powdery Products and Substances?

Certainly. A pumped system is used for slurry products, and a pour-through system is used for powder-type applications.

Is leasing the X-Ray Unit The Only Option?

Absolutely not, we offer one of the best and most compliant non-destructive testing services in the nation. To learn more about how we use X-Ray inspection machines to conduct sample testing for product defects click here. >>>

Want to learn more about the set-up procedure and inspection process on our real-time x-ray units for non-destructive testing?