X-Ray Equipment Set-Up Procedure


Real-Time X-Ray Inspection Equipment Set-Up Procedure

If you are reading about ” X-Ray Equipment Set-Up Procedure ” you are either strongly considering leasing an industrial real-time, portable x-ray inspection machine for the non-destructive testing of your product(s), or you have already wisely chosen to lease CXR’s x-ray inspection equipment — either way, thank you for giving us a look.

Preparing for the arrival of your leased x-ray equipment

To save time, an area should be designated for the inspection for your product(s) prior to the NDT x-ray equipment’s arrival.

When the CXR portable x-ray inspection machine arrives, you will needs a forklift sitting at street level to unload it unto a loading dock, or through an overhead door.

It is important to note, that the CXR real-time x-ray unit will arrive in two sections.

They are the:

  • x-ray inspection machine itself, which weighs approximately 800 pounds, and
  • conveyor, which weighs approximately 400 pounds.

Also note, that while the equipment has casters, it is a best practice to transport it with a forklift.

This is especially advised if there is over 50 ft of distance from the loading area inside the plant to the designated inspection area.

X-Ray Equipment Set-Up Procedure At The Designated Inspection Area

The CXR x-ray inspection equipment will occupy an area of nearly 4′ x 9′.

The conveyor belt is 41″ from the floor to the top of the belt.

A CXR Company technician will set up the unit for you, as well as, achieve the proper settings for your product using a seeded sample of the suspected contaminant.

Our real-time x-ray inspection equipment complies with all USDA, FDA and OSHA regulations.

After The X-Ray Equipment Set-Up Procedure Are Completed

Training of at least four of your personnel will be required. For more details about training read this.

Before and after testing, you will need to know a few other things like: