CXR xray machine no power washing

Washing down the real-time x-ray inspection unit from CXR

How to properly washdown areal-time x-ray inspection unit

We get it.

Industrial workers do more than work hard.

They like to take good care of the equipment they use.

And, because our real-time x-ray inspection equipment helps ensure quality of work, you want to know:

“Can the real-time x-ray inspection unit be exposed to wash down?”

The short answer is “no” and “yes”.

real-time x-ray inspection unit

Of course, that is a bit confusing, so here is a longer explanation.

Cleaning CXR’s real time x-ray unit during wash down.

So, you want to put that Strahman Valve spray nozzle you just purchased to work. Right?

Oh’ we thought so.

However, our real-time inspection unit features a very sensitive x-ray component that cannot be exposed to water.

Especially, water from a power washer.

We know a real bummer.

Fortunately, we have great news for you.

That’s right you can cheer-up now.

See, our the CXR  non-destructive testing x-ray unit has been specifically designed with a roll-away conveyor system.

What that means to you is this …

You may now go and get your Super Klean power washing system ready, detach the conveyor, and do your thing.

That’s right master of the power washer… spray away — [ at the detached conveyor, that is].

Once more, please be sure to roll the conveyor far away from the real-time x-ray inspection unit.

This will ensure you do not accidentially expose the x-ray unit itself to power washing, only the conveyor.

Lastly, thank you for the hard work you do, and for leasing the CXR Company real-time x-ray inspection unit.


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