CPG / Canned Vegetable Producer Quickly Detects Metal With X-Ray Inspection Equipment

Canned Vegetables Company Case Study


Some time ago, a canned vegetable processor lost a small piece of metal in a large production run of their bulk canned vegetable products.  To add to the issue their cans featured a unique cover, which meant finding the metal containment via traditional x-ray inspection methods would be different.


CXR Company rose to the occasion. With a little outside the box thinking, CXR Company realized that if the cans were run through the x-ray inspection equipment on their sides we would be able to achieve an accurate find.

We knew the vegetable food processor needed the bulk cans to be upright after the x-ray inspection process in order to automatically case and palletized each unit.

The CXR team re-engineered the x-ray machine output area leading to a quick design change of the conveyor system. This extra effort gave the vegetable can company exactly what they needed.

As you can image, everything work as planned.

The Result:

After the CXR x-ray inspection equipment was set-up on-site, and four operators were adequately trained the vegetable food processor informed CXR Company that they where able to See The Difference, as the metal was easily found.

We save the customer 10’s of $1000’s in product, as due to our super tight lipped confidentially policy — their great reputation was never placed into harm.

It should therefore go without saying, if you are a interested in onsite x-ray inspection equipment leasing, or offsite non destructive x-ray product testing, CXR Company would love to help you “see the difference” too.

X-ray The Magic Eraser for Consumer Product Goods Processing Errors.

By providing the most thorough contaminant detection testing, which in turn reduces the risk of product recalls, this energy efficient technology helps to protect lives, manufacturing businesses, brands awareness and potential market shares.