Baby Formula Company Receives 100% Results in X-Ray Blind Testing


Baby Food / Formula Company Case Study


bpa_free_formulaA few years back, a large baby formula manufacturing company discovered they had lost thin pieces of wire in their cans of powdered baby formula.


Knowing that x-ray inspection technology can uniquely address contamination concerns in baby food products regardless of the many changes taking place in baby food packaging, the baby formula manufacturer was interested in the technology to solve their contamination problem.

In addition, they were aware that glass contamination detection capability is currently in the range of 2.5 mm to 4.0 mm at production line speeds, depending on container type and size. They needed to determine whether off-line real-time x-ray inspection systems could detect the much smaller wire they needed to find.

The manufacturer wanted to implement NDT via x-ray inspection at their plant, but had to be certain to select the right company with the best detection equipment in the industry for the job.

So the large baby formula manufacturer sent out a set of seeded cans to various industry leading x-ray inspection companies, including CXR Company, for a “blind test.”

The Result:

See NDT X-ray Inspection Case StudiesAfter reviewing all the test results, the large baby formula company informed CXR Company that we were able to See The Difference, as we were the ONLY x-ray inspection company to deliver NDT results at 100% accuracy.

As you can imagine, CXR Company won the job and the future trust of a notable baby formula company which has remained a loyal customer ever since.

It should therefore go without saying, if you are interested in onsite x-ray inspection equipment leasing, or offsite non destructive x-ray product testing, CXR Company would love to help you “see the difference” too.

X-ray The Secret Weapon of Your Baby Food Company’s Future

By providing the most thorough contaminant detection method, which in turn reduces the risk of product recalls, this energy efficient technology helps to protect young children, manufacturing businesses, brands and potential market shares.

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