X-Ray Detection Unit Helps Electrical Component Manufacturer


The Challenge Of Being An Electrical Component Manufacturer

The demands placed on electrical component manufacturers are growing greater every day.

The need for safety, speed, security, and innovation are placing pressure on electrical component manufacturers while at the same time opening doors of opportunity as never before witnessed in human history.

Which industries rely on the advancements of electrical components?

An easier question to answer would be: which industry does NOT rely on such advancements?

Then, the answer would simply be, “none”.

Electrical Component Manufacturers Deliver Medical Solutions

For example, take the Medical Industry.

As the population in developed countries grows older and lives longer, the demand for healthcare is growing rapidly.

Medical practitioners are in dire need of finding new ways to deliver care at more cost-effective rates.

Many are turning to downsized mobile monitoring, therapeutic, and diagnostic devices to address these demands.

All these solutions are dependent on electrical components  which, due to pressures of innovation, can sometimes be faulty.  Turn to CXR to find defects in electrical components.

Need another example?

Electrical Component Manufacturers Deliver Automotive Solutions

The automotive industry has experienced a technological revolution.

Today’s vehicles have to deliver more than just basic transportation.

They have to entertain, inform, connect and protect their passengers.

The competitive landscape is all about features and functionality.

Fortunately, electrical component  manufacturers are able to deliver unique electrical/electronic architectures to fulfill the unique needs of the automotive industry. It is crucial that these parts remain free from defects.   CXR has a proven track record within the automotive industry and provides solutions when they are needed.

Electrical Component Manufacturers Deliver Solutions To Everyone

Now, consider:

  • Computers,
  • Internet of Things (IOT),
  • Mining,
  • Communication,
  • CATV and SATV markets,
  • Military Equipment,
  • Assembly Line,
  • Bolting Solutions,
  • And, many other verticals.

Even new commercial construction, and residential remodeling depend on electronic components for more than power within the structures they build.

 CASE STUDY: Using X-ray To Solve Problems For An Electronic Component Manufacturer

Due to such great demands, electronic component manufacturers often run many production lines at various times of the day and even at varied locations.

Sometimes something as simple as a screw from the production machinery gets loose and falls into a product going through a production run.

Other times, misguided programming of an automated assembly robot leads to incorrect wiring being installed, or not welded completely into place.

This exact thing happened to a manufacturer of electrical components.

The Challenge:

The manufacturer was aware of a potential internal wiring problem but, because the components were produced at three different plant, was unsure of exactly which pieces were faulty.

Opening each electronic component to view the wires would have cost over $100,000.

The Solution:

Using CXR’s  x-ray inspection equipment, the manufacturer was empowered to inspect each unit produced at each of the three locations and correct the issue in a much more cost-effective way.

In addition, the Electronic Component Manufacturer signed several long term leases to use the real-time x-ray inspection machines for an extended period of time as a Quality Control tool.


Today, manufacturers of electrical components are under the gun to innovate and design “the next big thing”.

In doing so, challenges in production arise which can best be solved by using CXR’s non-destructive x-ray inspection equipment.

Whether you are a large electrical component manufacturer or a small meat processor — regardless of your industry —  CXR can help you “see the difference”.