Industrial X-ray Machine Leasing Process

Looking for an Industrial X-ray Machine Leasing program that is flexible?

Leasing x-ray equipment for real-time inspection of your products and/or processed goods has never been easier than contacting CXR Company.

3 Steps to CXR’s X-Ray Inspection Services and Machine Leasing Process :

How X-Ray Machine Leasing Works CXR Company - Xray Inspection Leasing Equipment Experts - See The Difference

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Industrial X-ray Machine Leasing

Leasing real-time x-ray equipment from CXR Company is really as easy as 1,2,3!

Step #1: Simply reach out us.

There are various methods to connect with us!

Step #2: Submit a sample for FREE testing.

To save time and money, we strongly recommend you send us a sample of your product along with the suspected contaminant. *(If looking for defects, please send both a good piece and a defective piece.) This allows CXR Company to do three things:

  • Ensure we can solve your problem.
  • Determine the best x-ray machine leasing options to meet your specific needs.
  • Provide an estimate of your x-ray inspection project duration and costs.

Step #3: Select your options.

At CXR Company we believe in keeping things simple for our clients.

We offer flexible x-ray inspection leasing options, the choice to perform the inspection at your location or ours, and pricing that makes non-destructive testing with 2D x-ray affordable.

Should you have any questions about our x-ray machine leasing process — please ask!