X-Ray Equipment Set-Up Procedure

Industrial Real-Time, Portable X-Ray Inspection Machines for Non-Destructive Testing of Your Product


CXR needs a forklift at street level to unload onto a loading dock or through an overhead door.


Real-Time X-Ray Inspection Equipment Set-Up ProcedureThe ACCUVUE™ real-time x-ray unit weights approximately 800 pounds and the conveyor weighs approximately 400 pounds. Although the equipment has casters, it is best to transport it with a forklift if there is some distance inside the plant to the inspection area. To save time, an area should be pre-designated for the inspection.

The ACCUVUE™ x-ray inspection equipment will occupy an area of nearly 4′ x 9′. The conveyor belt is 41″ from the floor to the top of the belt.


A CXR technician will set up the unit and achieve the proper settings for your product using a seeded sample of the suspected contaminant. Our real-time x-ray inspection equipment complies with all USDA, FDA and OSHA regulations.