How To Use Industrial X-Ray Inspection Equipment


Inspection Process for ACCUVUE™ X-Ray Inspection Equipment:


We recommend that each plant designate a Person-In-Charge to coordinate activities between plant personnel, our technician and, when applicable, the USDA Inspector-In-Charge (I.I.C.).

In most cases, the inspection will require four of your personnel:

  • one to monitor the screen
  • one to feed the product onto the conveyor
  • one to unload and repackage or re-palletize the product
  • and one to help out on either end and to keep the belt full at all times.

The CXR technician will demonstrate the operation of the equipment to all personnel.  S/he will use the customer’s product along with a seed or seeded sample to train the operators how to recognize defective or contaminated product. On approval by the Person-In-Charge, the inspection begins. The I.I.C. and the Person-In-Charge will likely choose to reintroduce the seeded sample throughout the inspection process.

CXR x-ray inspection service is an excellent solution when corrective actions are required under your HACCP Program or your HARCP Food Safety Plan!