Frequently Asked Questions About Xray Inspection Equipment

Are CXR’s x-ray inspection systems safe for our product? Will it irradiate our product?

CXR’s x-ray machines are safe for your product. Government Regulations 21 CFR 179.21 state that, for cabinet x-ray, no food shall be exposed to radiation sources so as to receive an absorbed dose in excess of 10 grays. CXR’s x-ray inspection machines are well within these established limits. Our equipment is designed to inspect products […]

Radiation Emissions Allowable Limits

Radiation Emissions Allowable Limits : Determining Xray Inspection Systems Compliance

CXR company knows its x-ray inspection systems are compliant with radiation emissions allowable limits because they closely monitor for radiation to be certain all equipment is staying well within safe limits. Before and after leasing out its x-ray inspection machines, CXR Company ensures the x-ray inspection machines are tested for radiation emissions using a certified […]


What are the allowable occupational radiation exposure limits set by the government and is CXR’ equipment in compliance with them?

According to Government Regulations, 10 CFR 20, allowable occupational radiation exposure limits are 5,000 MR/year for whole body (head, trunk, arms above the elbow, legs above the knee) and 50,000 MR/year for extremities (hands, elbows, arms below the elbows, foot, knee or leg below the knee.) CXR’s x-ray inspection equipment emits no more than .5 […]

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Can the real-time x-ray inspection unit be exposed to wash down?

CXR’s real-time x-ray unit itself cannot be exposed to wash down. However, the unit is designed to roll away from conveyor so that the conveyor itself may be washed. Please do not expose the unit itself to power washing, only the conveyor.


Can CXR’s x-ray inspection machines detect glass particles in glass containers? Aluminum particles in foil or metal packaging?

Yes, that is the beauty of x-ray inspection. X-ray can penetrate glass, aluminum, plastic, etc. packaging and still detect particles that are the same composition as the packaging because x-ray relies on density. CXR’s X-ray Inspection Systems can detect glass particles in glass containers, aluminum particles in foil or metal packaging and many other contaminants […]


Can the x-ray inspection equipment detect plastic or rubber?

CXR’s x-ray inspection machines can detect some plastics and rubbers, depending mostly on the contaminant’s relative density compared to the product. For example, a relatively dense plastic can usually be detected in less dense products such as fluids or powders. Additionally, if the contaminant is of a relatively large size, it is often possible to […]


How safe is CXR’s real-time x-ray inspection equipment? Do we need to worry about radiation?

CXR’s x-ray inspection systems are extremely safe and use only low-level x-ray sources. The equipment is designated Cabinet X-Rui by the FDA is permitted to emit no more than 0.5 milliroentgen per hour at any point five centimeters from the external surface. This is the same specification to which carry-on luggage x-ray inspection systems at […]


Can my product be inspected by the case?

Whether a product can be inspected by the case depends on three factors: 1. The size of the case. Our conveyors can accommodate a maximum case size of approximately 24 inches x 14 inches. 2. The density of the suspected containment. A particularly dense containment, like stainless steel particles, can be detected by x-ray more […]

Real-Time X-Ray Inspection Equipment Set-Up Procedure

What is the aperture size of the x-ray detection unit’s conveyor and will it accommodate my product?

CXR’s largest conveyor aperture is 26 inches x 15 1/2 inches and can accommodate a product that is one or two inches smaller than the aperture and of almost any length.

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What is the minimum and the maximum x-ray equipment rental/lease length that CXR offers?

CXR offers a minimum lease of one 8 hour shift. You may lease CXR’s X-ray Inspection Systems by the day, week, 2 weeks, or month. We offer an additional discount if your lease is more then one month.