4 Tips to Debone a Deer and Process Venison Meat

When you process vension meat and debone a dear carcass there are several things to know. Obviosusly, it is something that many hunters do after they have made a kill. Deboning a deer and processing the venison meat is a good way to save money, but a little DIY is also fun. Here are a […]

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Dairy Product X-Ray Inspection Service To The Rescue

    Just a few days ago the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) announced that: “Maytag Dairy Farms is expanding its voluntary recall of “Maytag Blue” blue cheese wedges, wheels and crumbles because they have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes.” Wholefoods has confirmed the dairy food contamination report announced by issuing a […]

An Alternative To Product Disposal For CPG Industry

When a consumer reads the back of a food label the last thing they are looking for are the nutritional values for glass, metal, and other inedible items. Instead, they are trying to understand things like: Why am I putting this in my body? Why this is or is not healthy for me? How is […]

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Xray Inspection Service Benefits Food Service Industry

Typically when food processing companies consider reporting a recall they do think of a portable x-ray inspection machine as a preventative solutions. I believe this is mainly because either the types of contaminants is not something gamma rays would find. For example on December 2 2015, Food Processing Magazine reported: A recall stemming from an […]

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A Case For X-Ray As A NDT Method For Auto Parts

CXR Company offers dynamic imaging 2D x-ray equipment and non-destructive testing [NDT] services for automotive components designed to detect and identify defects. Why NDT with 2D X-ray machinery? It is no secret that an auto recalls can cost an automotive manufacturer billions of dollars. What is a secret to many auto manufacturing stakeholders is that […]

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Compliance with occupational radiation exposure limits

Allowable occupational radiation exposure limits set by the government In addition to ALARA protocol, which we discussed here, the United Stated Department of Energy (DOE) recommends the review of 9 applicable requirements, guidance, and standards to ensure minimal exposure to radiation. These are: 10 C.F.R.835, Occupational Radiation Protection, establishes radiation protection standards, limits, and program […]

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Are X-ray Systems Within Allowable Radiation Limits ?

Ensuring your personnel and product(s) are well within allowable radiation limits is critical for the safe implementation of non destruction testing with x-ray machines. The first thing you need to know is where the “allowable radiation limits” rest. While the outer guidelines are fairly clear, there are over 3.1 millions website pages when concerns, regulations, […]

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Will x-ray inspection systems irradiate our product?

Are CXR’s x-ray inspection systems safe for our product? Will it irradiate our product? This is both a good and common question most often asked when people are considering the lease of a CXR x-ray machine for non-destruction testing (NDT) of their products. Radiation safety is a priority Have you seen the Disney Movie titled […]

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Do we need to worry about radiation?

How safe is CXR’s real-time x-ray inspection equipment? It is natural to be concerned and even to worry about radiation. In fact, this is a frequently asked questions we receive at CXR Company. The quick answer is that CXR’s x-ray inspection systems are extremely safe and use only low-level x-ray sources.   However, we imagine […]

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