Can X-ray Detect it? : Packaging’s Impact on X-Ray Detection

Can X-ray Detect - CXR Company Spuer man X-ray Vision

You’ve grown-up your entire life knowing that by using his “x-ray vision” Superman could see through all building materials and spot danger everywhere.

And, while he is a fictional character, the concept of utilizing this super human power is based on the factual scientific beauty of x-ray itself.
It is a proven fact that x-rays can penetrate glass, aluminum, plastic, and other materials.

However, when the power of x-ray is used to detect foreign contaminants within packaging and building materials, it is important to understand that its power can be limited when the item being examined is comprised of the same composition.

In simpler terms; x-ray relies on density, not transparency to help you “see the difference“.

Naturally, this information leads to the following questions:

What types of particles will x-ray inspection machines detect?

At the end of the day, x-ray can detect anything with more mass, or density than the object(s) surrounding it.

Can x-ray detect glass particles in glass containers?

CXR’s X-Ray Inspection Systems can detect glass particles in glass containers

Can x-ray detect aluminum particles in foil / metal packaging?

CXR’s X-Ray Inspection Systems can detect aluminum particles in foil or metal packaging, and many other contaminants that metal detectors can not identify, regardless of packaging.

In fact, real-time x-ray detection is more reliable than metal detectors, as one of our canned vegetable client discovered, because certain orientations of wire our more difficult for metal detectors to pick-up, whereas x-ray relies on the density and not the director of say — a wire.


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