Are CXR’s x-ray inspection machines portable?

Simply answered, yes, CXR Company’s x-ray machines are mobile.

Our x-ray inspection machines are equipped with a conveyor that has an approximately 4′ x 9′ foot print, and yes, we can easily transport the x-ray inspection equipment to your plant.

We maintain a fleet of customized cargo vans for that very purpose.

We do require you to provide a fork lift at street level to help unload the x-ray machine and its conveyor components from our cargo van unto your facility’s docks.

Our x-ray inspection machines portable capabilities are enhanced by steel casters, however, we strongly recommend you transport the x-ray inspection equipment via a forklift.

This is especially, preferred if there is quite a distance the x-ray inspection machine must travel inside the plant before it reaches the potentially contaminated products inspection area.

It is important for you to know that CXR Company’s mobile x-ray equipment weighs approximately 800 pounds and the conveyor unit weighs approximately 400 pounds.

Now, that we have answered your question, “Are CXR Company x-ray inspection machines portable ?” We have a question for you.

Do you find yourself looking to lease mobile x-ray inspection equipment?

If so, please examine our x-ray inspection machine leasing process.

How X-Ray Machine Leasing Works

If you have any other questions related to the x-ray inspection machines portable capacities, or anything else for that matter, please contact CXR Company today!

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