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A Case For X-Ray As A NDT Method For Auto Parts

CXR Company offers dynamic imaging 2D x-ray equipment and non-destructive testing [NDT] services for automotive components designed to detect and identify defects.

Why NDT with 2D X-ray machinery?

It is no secret that an auto recalls can cost an automotive manufacturer billions of dollars. What is a secret to many auto manufacturing stakeholders is that most of these recalled defects could have been detected, and fixed prior to the release of a production run.

This ignorance is not intentional, or out of malicious, but, rather because while so much attention has been placed on teaching Plant Managers and staff about the “Toyota Way” of lean manufacturing there is little focus on teaching Quality Manager and their staff the “Honda Way” of defective component detection.

CXR Company Ultimate Guide To NDT Test and how to save warehouse space

The Difference

Toyota builds cars for people who want to get from point A to point B, in a reliable vehicle that is comfort and nice. Hence, they focus on standardizing a vehicle layout, a production process, and consistently achieving high quality products through research and development [R&D].

Honda builds cars that people want to drive from on mountain, through deserts, and hilly country roads in luxury, but, at an affordable price. This requires Honda to utilize x-ray inspection technology to verify casting integrity of various auto parts with the same function.

Some of the casting defects 2D x-ray is capable of quickly and objectively identifying are cavities, gas, inclusion, tearing, foreign material, porosity, shrinkage and sponge.

With a small team of four(4) of its personnel; one to monitor the screen, one to feed the auto parts being inspected onto the conveyor, one to unload and re-package /re-palletize the product, and one to keep the belt full at all times Honda is able to ensure quality at a high rate while diversifying their product design.

CXR X-ray Testing 101 - NDT Method For Auto Parts

The reality for most US auto part Safety and Quality Control inspectors

The company executives you work for is not interested in having a full-time staff dedicated to checking every auto part beyond standard quality inspection standards. This is because their job is to ensure profit maximization.

That said, they are in support of their Safety and Quality Control team finding potential defects and brings it to the attention of operations personnel so the defect, or contaminant can be controlled, and if possible eliminated.

NDT method for auto parts x-ray inspection

That is where x-ray inspection equipment leasing from CXR Company comes in handy. Your automotive parts should be performing in high-gear to ensure an optimum driving experience for the end-user, and reduce the risk of recall.


How X-Ray Machine Leasing Works - CXR Company

To help automaker, OEM auto part manufacturers, and others in the automotive industry achieve this objective, our NDT x-ray equipment is designed to be one of the most powerful, yet safe x-ray systems around.

X-ray inspection machines test for cracks, voids, FOD, assembly integrity, and automatic feature and defect recognition – as well as inspection of components including aluminum castings, steel forgings, molded components, complex assemblies, steel/aluminum alloy castings expressly for the automotive industry.

X-Ray Non-Destructive Testing of Auto Parts

If more information about the CXR Company, or our NDT method for auto parts, please contact us.

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